Hydroscand and Norwegian Group

About Hydroscand Energy Hydroscand is a total provider of Hydraulic hoses and related products, with history back to 1969. Our personnel are highly skilled in Hydraulic Hoses, Pipe and Small-Bore Tubing. Our dedication and focus on projects are to ensure high quality and efficiency to our customers projects.


Why Hydroscand Energy went in partnership with Norwegian Group

Our customers have challenged the market to provide the most efficient service offerings, as a reply to the sector Norwegian Group and Energy have the solution. Now all activities with hydraulic hoses and bulk hoses are within arm’s reach both at the sea level and the top of the derrick.

Special trained personnel are certified according to NS9600 and IRATA to ensure efficient and Safety in rope access activities.  
Trained by and according to BFPA for Hydraulic hose integrity and replacement.




Our combined offerings

  • Hydraulic inspection and replacement
  • Bulk Hose inspections and replacement
  • Drag chain inspections and replacement
  • Implementation and maintenance of Hose Asset Management
  • Complete hydraulic hose replacements, with container solutions for onsite production.


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Marius Figved works as Service Manager in Hydroscand Energy

With 11+ years of extensive experience in the Oil & Gas segment, Marius brings a wealth of expertise in service and project management. His main responsibilities are Service Manager, Project Manager and Concepts Manager within the Energy Sector.
With a broad experience within service projects and Hose Asset Management, will he provide competence and quality to the partnership between Hydroscand and Norwegian Group.